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All You Need At Small Scale Hobbies To Grow Your Collection of 1/87 Scale, WW2 Model Kits!

Browse our selection of exclusive and detailed WWII model tanks and figures in 1:87 scale. These model kits are a collector's dream come true!

Are you looking for highly detailed 1/87 scale HO military vehicle models to add the finishing touches to your WWII diorama? Your search ends here! 

At Small Scale Hobbies, we specialize in everything from military vehicle models like Minitanks and WWII tank models to soldier figures. These unique model kits are designed for wargamers, modelers and WWII enthusiasts.

Miniature Wargames USA: A History

The popular Minitanks line of 1/87 (HO) scale vehicles became the focus of collector interest in the early 1960s when many retailers in the United States began selling them in volume. At the time, they attracted the attention of thousands of young men who then became involved in miniature wargames.

These vehicles, including the World War II tank models, along with the soldier figures, became the pride and joy of the connoisseurs - and they have continued to add to their collection to this day!

Whether you have been a collector for decades or have just started this fascinating hobby, now is simply a great

time to do it! At this point, the number of new military models in 1/87 (HO) scale has grown exponentially, and their complexity is simply breathtaking!

‚ÄčSmall Scale Hobbies offers a wide selection of high-quality products, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Visit Small Scale Hobbies, our online model and hobby store, where we specialize in Minitanks and more in 1/87 scale WWII model kits. 

We also offer high quality models, including short run models that are cast in resin and have etched details. We have scale models that will make your hobby even more enjoyable!

Model Tanks WW2: All About The HO Scale

The scale is the ratio between the real object, the tank, train or plane, and the model tank, train or plane. So, 1/87 means that a real aircraft with a wingspan of 87 feet makes a model with a wingspan of one foot. Miniature soldiers in miniature wargaming are described based on the average height of a soldier.

The 1/87 (HO) scale is the most popular model scale in the world. The variety of models available in the HO scale makes it ideal for miniature wargaming and accurate model building. The scale was developed to allow for smaller, less expensive models that still have plenty of detail. Get your own WW2 model kits from Small Scale Hobbies today!