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Dom's Decals

    Imported from United Kingdom these decals are nominally in 15mm scale and although not exactly for 1/87 scale, they will work in many cases where you may need a smaller US Star or German Cross.

    The German Division markings were at times quite small on their vehicles in real life so these 15mm should come in quite handy. The German Turret numbers are also a very good fit for 1/87 scale.

    These decals are water slide transfers and are mostly WWII British, German or American.

    There is an extensive range of British army markings for 1944-45 (primarily NW Europe.) The following are normally in stock:

Allied Stars

British and Commonwealth Serial Numbers and Bridge Markings

British and Commonwealth Formation Badges

British Tank Names and WD Numbers

British Tactical Markings & Turret Numbers

German DAK, Afrika Korps Palms

German Balkenkreuz (Various Styles)

 German crosses, primarily intended for 15mm armour, but doubtless useful in a variety of scales. Each sheet contains approximately 120 crosses in each of 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm sizes.

German Panzer Division & SS Division Badges

German panzer division unit badges. Each sheet contains badges for several units, usually including any common variants. Note these are actually over-scale compared with a lot of real-life markings, most being 2.5mm across their largest dimension. (In reality German unit markings were often tiny.) 

German Registration Plates

German registration / license plates; wehrmacht, luftwaffe and SS. Each sheet has 60 different registration numbers, each in 4 different styles. They're the regulation sizes reduced to 1/100 scale, so a little over 3mm wide, and 4.5mm for the single line ones

German Turret Numbers, Approx 3.75mm High

Come in plain colors of Black, White, Red, & Yellow. Also in outlined colors. 30 different types.

   For a great overview of who used what markings, try "The British Soldier, Volume 2" by Jean Bouchery.