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Minitanks , Herpa / Roco

Minitanks For Sale: Grow your Minitanks collection With

Small Scale Hobbies!

You deserve an extensive collection that shows your interest and makes you a part of a larger community - do not miss out on a vast selection of Minitanks for sale from Small Scale Hobbies, an Authorized Minitanks Dealer.

If you like Minitanks in 1/87 scale, you have come to the right place. Arsenal-M, the new owners of the Minitanks brand, is a German company. The Minitanks brand of military model kits has been in production for over sixty years. Making high quality plastic military vehicles in scale HO is their forte! The models are well detailed and include moving parts and other accessories so you can customize your model. 

Minitanks in HO (1/87 scale) are ideal for railroad enthusiasts, military modelers and war-gamers. Whether you have been collecting Minitanks for decades or are just getting started, you'll find the hundreds of fantastic kits offered over the years at Small Scale Hobbies.

As the new owners of Minitanks brand, Arsenal-M will be releasing several new vehicles and/or accessories every month to expand the entire line.

As an Authorized Minitanks Dealer, Small Scale Hobbies will be stocking the new kits as they are released by the manufacturer.

All About Minitanks

Minitanks is a popular military series introduced by model railroad manufacturer Roco in 1960. Since then, the   brand   has   stood   for   details,   scale   and   accuracy   in   the   world   of   model construction. For decades, Minitanks have become the biggest military program of the HO scale (1/87).

Herpa has managed the worldwide distribution of the Military Series Minitanks since 2007. About two years ago Arsenal-M, a German company well known for their excellent resin military model kits, purchased the entire Minitanks line from Roco. Arsenal-M is now in the process of releasing the Minitanks kits at the rate of around 6 kits a month.

At Small Scale Hobbies, you get Minitank kits which are in kit form that need to be completely assembled and finished/painted.

You can explore your creativity, and add the decals, paint it, and attach the many accessories that are available at Small Scale Hobbies, to your Minitanks! The finishing touches of each kit are at your disposal!  Each kit is thoroughly detailed and manufactured in plastic.

The Minitanks range of kits is constantly evolving. Arsenal-M adds new kits every month  and will sometimes stop production of older kits so they can rework molds and update some of them– all the more reason to browse our selection!

Get to checking out the extensive line of Minitanks that Small Scale Hobbies have in stock now and start adding to your collection right away!